How do I know if a has a $13,000 renewal fee

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    I have just done a search for 2 can be registered for the bargain price of $1150 (enom)
    whereas can be registered for the even better price of $13,000 (Godaddy)

    Now weather you consider them good prices or not the suckerpunch comes with the same yearly renewal fee. This is absolutely crazy, who in their right mind is going to renew gym.xzy at $13,000 a year??

    Come on guys at .xyz a premium for registering the domain, I can tolerate that, might not agree with the principle, but I can tolerate it... but the same premium as a renewal rate.. come on now!!!

    But here is the best bit, let's say I bought one of these domains, ok i was having a crazy day and bought for $13K and then I got some sanity back and listed it on sedo or a domain forum for auction.
    It only reached a sales price of $7,000 in auction, the buyer thinks he has a great deal, pays for the domain, transfers it over to his registrar and then bam!!! he sees the $13,000 renewal fee on this??

    I have contacted .xyz and they sate it would be the domain auction / forums responsibility to find out if the has a renewal fee of $1,000 or $13,000 and make that clear in the details of the auction, and if they didn't realise they were supposed to do this or know how to do it then it is just a case of buyer beware!!!

    I will be sharing the link to this post with .xyz for their comments. Would love to hear some of your comments on it first?
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    There is a CSV list you can download on the registry website.
    I think everything is clear: premium renewals are for suckers. Don't speculate on premium renewal domains. Also do not expect you will find another bigger sucker :)
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    xyz wasn't like this two years ago, seem to be following suit with other registries. I have several LLL and all regular renewal..

    Before purchasing any new gtld I highly suggest checking MrDomain to see if it's premium or not, if it's not listed within the sale.
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    I have already stated that several times. If you acquire a .com or .net you know that the renewals will be around $10(or a low multiple of these) forever.You can act more less like the owner. It is your property in practice.

    If you acquire a nGTLd the registry can change the renewal rate if they want to. There is no limit what the renewals can be. It could be $1 million if they wanted to.

    They control the renewal rates and they are more less the owner and rent it you (the tenant).

    Why invest in a system that is designed to enrich the registries and not the private investor?

    Do you believe the registries will let you get rich selling their names or will they try to enrich themsleves if they can, and they can of course.
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    Thanks for your input guys

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