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discuss How can we help a deceased domainer?

We recently lost Riz M, as a community. He had replied a number of times on my thread and that's how I knew him. As a fellow investor, I feel extremely sad. Of course, with such uncertainty that life is, we need to think of our family as well, especially if we are in a business that is not very common, and also, specifically for full-time investors.

In that light, while Riz had a friend/family, who knew about his investment, how do we secure our family in this business (such that our domains are automatically passed on to our nominee, without them losing out on the prized possession that we acquire over our lives).

Is there a registrar service that can help with such scenarios or is there any other way that the investment is survived by their families?

If not, I urge the community to share potential solutions for such a problem and if we may together, as a community, build something together (non-profit) that can help in such scenarios?


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I'm not even remotely qualified to answer this, but I'll take a crack at it

If someone has their affairs in order, it will be put in a will (along with other investments / owned assets), and dealt with that way. Those relevant would make contact with the registrar, and make them aware of the situation. They'd investigate the legalities and make sure everything is in order...I would assume that's a fair course of action, if using the legal system when it comes to a deceased friend / relative. If a domain investment hasn't been included in a will, or any reference anywhere about it after a person has passed...then it may be tricky. IMO
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The industry will miss Riz.

I think you are looking for this one:

People often use it before major surgeries or in case of terminal illness. The domainer leaves instructions and then in the event of passing, the portfolio is managed accordingly.

While there are successful domain investors who are young, very few of the next generation are competent domain managers.

We have done this successfully whereby the domain portfolio becomes fully self-funding via domain sales and leases, and the verified heirs draw the proceeds.
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