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  1. gericsb

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    It seems as if the TV market has been heating up and that some of you are making some very nice sales! I was just wondering what your methods have been to find these buyers? Are they coming to you or are you being proactive, utilizing a domain broker who specializes in Dot TV or a combination of these methods?

    I have my TVs parked on SEDO (and have for awhile now), but despite the action that seems to be heating up here I've not had any iniquiries, lowball offers or otherwise for quite some time.
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  2. garptrader

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    Amazing how so many .TV domains sell for five figures yet you never see buying .TV threads in the Domains Wanted section...
  3. VIP Gold Account

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    could some or most of these sales be under strict NDA possibly? I don't why it would be maybe?
  4. hullswingerscom

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    why you think its heating up what sales...?
  5. 4pm

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    i don't see any heat up in .tv
    quite opposite in fact
    47 reported $1,000+ sales in 2016 vs 106 in 2015 as per namebio
    could probably be attributed to the influx of new gTLDS
    with .media, .cam, .webcam, .video etc avail there's more supply now for niche end users to choose from..
  6. GoneWalkabout

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    I've had periods when I've believed .tv was a waste of time so completely understand where you are coming from.

    In my ten years with .tv I have waited many a long period hoping for sales - only for them not to materialise. Even worse, these times seemed to always coincide with the forums being filled with colleagues pointing out their incredible .tv name sales.

    But, it is all about timing.

    So far in 2017 I've had three sales of sufficient value to ensure I have little doubt in the value of .tv names. Good names DO sell - crap names will stay on the shelf for years and years.

    Most people already know the first two I sold - and - and yes, they were for values I would not be comfortable sharing. No NDA, just professional courtesy.

    The third - EXPERT .tv was significantly the smaller of the three - sold at $17,750

    I've also had a large number of smaller sales - most round the $1k sum. In fact I sold this week on Sedo for $1750.

    As for .tv names wanted. I've just been involved in an auction at name jet for - it went for over $1100 - and that wasn't even in a public auction.

    So, is there action in .TV - I think the answer is a definite yes.

    As for WHERE sales come from? My two biggest sales came through direct contact with the buyers (either they contacted me or I contacted them) - the rest were simply responsive sales, mostly through direct contact via email or from the odd SEDO sale.

    .TV is not for the faint hearted. If you are having issues selling - get out - it is not for you.
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  7. Jurgen Wolf

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    Yes, I also don't see any "heatup"...

    And Yes - ultradomains which perfectly match with .TV or the domains for existent channels - are able to sell in 5F-range.
  8. En

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    I think you see less sales as there is less domainer action, however end users like .TV.
    I sold a 1 word .tv to a UK company that works with some of the biggest shows on BBC for mid X,XXX not too long ago. It's already developed and has been promoted on already.

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