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Hi, this is Antonio. I've been reading for a while the threads and found very interesting insights. So thank you to all contributors for sharing their knowledge! In few months l reach my first year in this amazing world of domaining :.) I've always liked domain names having a seo background. I've started registering some domains to develop some websites for my personal use, never developed. Then l saw this strange word 'aftermarket' on my registrar and before l got interested. In short, l sold one domain putting it in the Registrars auction for 20$ and few days later l received a mail, sold! l've taught , what a deal! Bought for 8 and resold used for 20! Since l'm a bit lazy l decided to buy other domains instead of trying to understand how to liquidate the credit, at 1$ and l put them on the same auction, no results! So l put them with a fixed price, after few months got another e-mail, sold another one! I reinvested and here l am. (in the meantime l got few months ago a letter from a giant because a registered their exact name in one extension l've never met again in my journey, didn't know that it was illegal since it was free to register) Luckly they didn't proceed and l have a l pointed the domain to a dead dns. Yesterday it has expired, l wanted to save it as a memory, to have it there to remember my first steps into this world, but l didn't know if just renewing it and leaving it in my account could awake the international multinational again! :)
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Hello and welcome to nps! Let that name drop and use the money to invest in another that will not draw the attention of a bully corporation.


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