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Heritage Auctions To Sell Their Crypto Domains

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    I just read that the auction house, Heritage Auctions, will auction off some of it's crypto-currency domains.

    Here's the list of domains with their prices. Many of these domains have been in their portfolio for years.

    Interested parties should contact Aron to purchase any of the domain names:

    Source: https://domaininvesting.com/heritage-auctions-selling-company-owned-coin-domain-names/

    CoinAuction.com $80K
    CoinLoans.com $150K (start a crypto lending platform. The Domain Capital of the crypto space)
    CurrencyAuctions.com $80K
    RawCoin.com $3K
    RawCoins.com $3K
    JewelryLoan.com $50K (not crypto but a great name)
    CoinConvention.com $100K
    CoinConventions.com $100K
    BuySellCoins.com $2K
    CoinAuctions.com $80K
    CoinFind.com $20K
    CoinInvestments.com $50K
    CoinProgram.com $10K
    CoinPrograms.com $10K
    CoinQuotes.com $50K (give Coin Market Cap a run for their ‘digital’ money)
    CurrencyAppraisal.com $20K
    FractionalCurrency.com $40K
    MyCoinPrice.com $2k
    ParamountCoin.com $5K
    ParamountCoins.com $5K
    SellMyCoins.com $2K
    CoinAppraiser.com $2K
    CoinClubs.com $20K
    CoinLists.com $20K (the plural version is for sale at $275,000 by another seller)
    CurrencyAuction.com $80K
    HCoin.com SOLD!
    HCoins.com $7500
    HeritageCurrency.com $10K
    MyCoinValue.com $5K

    Source: https://domaininvesting.com/heritage-auctions-selling-company-owned-coin-domain-names/
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  2. Silentptnr

    Silentptnr Hey From L.A. VIP

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    This might help us price our own domains!

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