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Located in Domain Beginners started by blumutt, Jul 10, 2019.


  1. Silentptnr

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    Your domains are more for development. I like intelligentjournalism, but it would be a development project.

    Since you are interested in selling domains and don't have a particular interest in developing websites, I suggest you study what domains sell each day and at what prices. One of the benefits of buying at auctions is that you can see if others are interested in the domains you bid on. When you win, you know you have something others had interest in.

    Also, remember, if you have 20 names, you might sell one over a couple of years. That's if they are good.

    Domain buying and selling is a complex art. So much to understand. Continue your learning and remember, a dollar saved is a win.
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  2. RogueWriter

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    First off, Canada rules. Got that out of the way. Second, when I started I registered like 30 .bz domains because ‘everyone’ would know that stands for business, right? The same folks telling you to quit right now would probably have told me to quit back then but I learned from my mistakes, took the financial hit as education and gradually improved. I don’t make a living on this, but I don’t lose money, either.

    As far as advice, start slow, get quality not quantity.
  3. barman

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    This is the right answer.
  4. ksusha64

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    3,293 this is 7 word domain. You must of been in Delete all this madness and start over.
  5. NamesMax

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    I would disagree with those saying to just delete or drop those names, unless they are at renewal time right now.. Like Bob pointed out get that sale, pretty much at any cost. It will bring the excitement back. But be careful because it can be like hitting a small win on a slot machine and you go crazy pouring more money int to slot without thought.

    You have gotten the sense from others here that you name selection is less than desired, but here may be a value (cheap) buyer out there for some. Instead of totally dropping them, hold a few of your names that meet the recommendations given here. Then "Mark Down" the others. Run a clearance. I would list them at like $99 anywhere and everywhere; Afternic, Sedo, Dan anywhere. With commissions you might only clear $75 or $80 (less at Sedo) As names I have begin to age and am deciding I probably will not renew, I start marking them down like the clearance bin at your favorite store.

    This markdown can have a 3 fold benefit:

    1. The satisfaction of a sale.
    2. It is more money than the zero dollars you get from dropping.
    3. Any sold will help finance the purchase of new names using new strategies.

    You won't sell them all, and maybe not any. Good Luck.

    BTW, I guess I can still call you sir as I am 61. (y)
  6. blumutt

    blumutt Established Member

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    Thank you for those positive words. I will definitely consider your suggestions.
    And yes, you may still call me sir (lol).
  7. slader23

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    Study domains with the same level of intensity as you would any post secondary education. As with any profession it will take you many hours in experience before getting to a point at which you can comfortably understand the anatomy of a domain, the different investment classes and what niches you want to operate in.

    The list you have represents your current stage in domaining. My suggestion would be to list everything at $120 and drop anything that doesn't sell prior to expiry.

    Don't register or buy another domain name until you think you've got a solid understanding of what derives domain value i.e what makes a domain valuable. What many beginners don't realize is that there are many, many factors that go into why a domain name is valuable and until you have a clear understanding of what those are you will struggle. Everyone has their own system of valuation, to help in your education I will share the list of basic questions I ask myself before I purchase a domain.

    Domain valuation questions:
    How many extensions apart from .com is this domain registered in? i.e 5?10?20?25+?
    What is the domain age? i.e 5?10?20?25+?
    Is it the grammar correct in English or the native language?
    Does it pass the radio test?
    Is it easy to spell or the colloquial form of the phrase?
    How much is this is term searched per month? i.e monthly search volume
    How many advertisers are there ?
    What is the CPC?
    Is this search term trending?
    What is the market capitalization of the industry my domain relates to?
    Who are the big players?
    How many potential end users can I see on google? i.e 5? 10? 20? 25+?
    How many companies use my term in their name on LinkedIn? i.e 5? 10? 20? 25+?
    Is there type in traffic?
    Is there an Alexa rank?
    Does the have search volume( indicator of type in traffic) ?
    Is there fresh backlinks? 5?100?1000?10k+?
    Does it have a clean history? i.e no adult etc
    Was it sold in the past to a reseller or end user?
    Namebio trend for this name?
    What is the Rosener equation value?
    What is the Estibot?
    Will the term be obsolete in 10 years?
    Active trademarks?
    Trademark risk?

    Make your own list of questions and make sure you go through each and every one prior to purchasing a domain name. I generally don't buy anything that doesn't meet at least 80% of my criteria and even then I may still not purchase it there is too much risk. Adjust your range of questions to fit the type of name your investing in. Never deviate from your own set of rules, repetition is key.
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  8. blumutt

    blumutt Established Member

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    Thanks very much for your
    Wow! Thanks very much for your helpful tips. Apparently there is much to learn here. I will have to do some heavy thinking before taking another step forward.
  9. RogueWriter

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    This is such a better reply than simply ‘delete and leave the industry’. Well done.
  10. novasyd

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    My 2cents:

    There is no such thing like a "learning domaining"
    It's a black or red game. Sometimes win sometimes lose.
    Having a gem domain don't make you a good domainer just a lucky one :)

    2 years ago I start an auction here for one of mine .online domains with $1 starting bid. 1 month no bids at all
    Domain also was listed at $edo
    Days, before I let it drop, was sold at $edo for $799.

    If you can afford it (that is my spending $100 per year plan) ;)
    buy / try to sell / drop

    Don't try to be a good domainer if you're not ready to spend a lot of $$$ for self-selling names.

    p.s. 74y old reg. a gangbangking :D
  11. blumutt

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    Thanks for the tips, very useful. As for gangbangking, at 74 all I have are memories lol
  12. Nik Pantic

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    Sir, thank you for starting this honest question of the many average domainers including myself.
    Also, I would like to comment regarding some of domains you have listed and their online marketing prospects.
    Several of your keyword compound domains as are having publishing marketing potential and that could be a way for selling them to some of the successful blogging marketers, yet on the other side pricing should meet their website start-up effort cost and earning from their vendors and advertisers , so they can get domains and maybe even a business plan as addon that would return investment realistically. So instead of high-level commercial businesses some domainers could focus their efforts to marketing distributor channels with somewhat better chances.
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  13. skyz21

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    Take some time and access your situation. You're obviously passionate about this industry and you're trying to learn and improve, which is great. Its not easy for many.

    Often success will come after you get through your hardest battles. So keep your chin up, try some different approaches and don't give up.

    I hope your situation improves and you have a better 2nd half of 2019.

    Best regards from the land down under
  14. blumutt

    blumutt Established Member

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    Thank you for another good and useful idea. Will have to do some more thinking.
  15. xdomainer

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    I'm not a natural at this and mostly handreg and it's taken a long time to avoid wasting money on domains that won't sell.

    So here are the main recommendations (that even I don't abide by sometimes lol):
    1. Avoid 3+ word domains.
    2. Don't hand reg using your imagination - look through drop lists for available domains.
    3. Think of the liquidity worst case - which should be at least getting your reg fee back on NP or a profit on ebay.

    If you aren't selling on ebay you could try it out - it's a good place to test your handreg abilities. I recently picked up Boat / Discounts in king with all this in mind available off a drop list. Worst case scenario in my view is an easy 100 profit on ebay if I don't want to hold it any longer for a sale on afternic, sedo, etc. Another domain I regged that sold for 100 on ebay was ExpressRatings in king. Now this isn't retire on money but it's better than nothing and it really is a slow learning experience for many of us - learning to have an eye for what sells.

    So think 100 on ebay as worst case scenario and you should do better. Otherwise it's time for drop catching service and auctions.

    Here's some more of my regs in king that sold on ebay to give you an idea of what sells.
    Crazy / Publishing 75
    Marijuana / Stoner 75
    Van / Travelers 60
    Candy / Supplier 75
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  16. blumutt

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    Thanks for the info. I've never sold on eBay, and that's another avenue for me to consider.
    I can't believe how many are willing to help someone whose a beginner in this business.
    Thank you.
  17. Gold Account VIP

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    < 0.01% will be 'successful'

    Don't @me
  18. Gold Account VIP

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    The cruiseliner sailed long ago. Best you can get is a nice late 90's or 2000 rubby dinghy to catch up with the special ship that is coveted and people pay good money for.

    To get that rubber dinghy, it's a bit like waiting for a donut to get on a ride at a water park.

    You'll need to be patient, smart, resilient and endure some suffering as water flows into your face.

    Such is domaining. You'll need to pay good money for your floatation devices, or you will sink.
  19. Meh-Le

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    There are some 400,000,000 websites on the internet. At age 74, you should retire and travel Canada with all the money.
  20. Desiree Jordan

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    I am new to domaining myself, but I have heard that just general dictionary words can sell well as .com domains.

    I have also heard that a person will be more successful if they stick with keywords that receive over 200,000-300,000 searches a month.

    I am busy putting together a keyword list based on these criteria before I buy any more domains. I have bought a few but none have sold yet.

    I have also built a few websites and blogs over the past 20 years. I plan to start another website and blog to advertise my domains on.

    I think I would still actually sell them on marketplaces like here, godaddy, ebay, and sedo, but I would have a list of my domains on my website, and just link them to the auction or other sales page.

    On my blog I would write posts about domaining, and craft the post in a way that I could put a link at the end of them to my list of domains for sell on my website.

    This may be a good idea for you as well, if you have any experience in blog and website marketing.

    You can take inexpensive classes at to learn the many different aspects of blog and website management and marketing. I learned marketing from these courses.

    It is a lot of work to run a website and blog, but if trying to sell your domains on auctions and other marketplaces is not making you any money, you may want to look into running your own blog and website.

    I have also done some article, ebook, and video marketing in the past. It may be helpful to try some of these marketing avenues as well. I am thinking about incorporating them in my own marketing strategy.

    I hope these ideas help you some, and I hope you find success.
  21. blumutt

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    Thank you very much for your time, and the information you have provided.
    You seem to be well on your way to your goals.
    I will give this serious consideration.
  22. hookbox

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    Tokyoga would be great if it was Tokyogo. One is worthless and the other is worth probably $10,000. EarPlace I could see possibly being used for a hearing aid company. Keep that one and drop the rest.
  23. richasis

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    For most, domaining is a marathon, not a sprint; if quick-money is the plan, one could become a registrar. :xf.grin:
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