Have You Ever Been the End-User?

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Have you ever acquired domains to use personally or develop as a business?

  1. Yes (but not anymore), that's how I discovered Domaining.

    5 votes
  2. Yes (and I still do), that's how I discovered Domaining.

    13 votes
  3. Yes, but only after I discovered Domaining.

    9 votes
  4. No, I never found one that inspired me, or didn't think I could do it.

    0 votes
  5. No, I only buy domains with intent to resell at a profit.

    6 votes
Total: 33 vote(s)
  1. Ategy

    Ategy Arif M, NameCult.com TheDomainSocial.com VIP Gold Account

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    I set this up as a poll, but please also share your domains and/or details/stories in the comments below! :)

    I'm asking this because while I only started officially domaining 3 years ago, I actually purchased (Hand Registration) my first domain back in 1999! Within a couple of years I grew it into a huge Club Music / DJ related community (closed it down ages ago), and over the years I've acquired random domains here and there, always with the intent to eventually develop *IF* I had the time .. but ultimately never had the time.

    Years ago, I even bought a ton of great 1-word, 1-term and 3L expiring .mobi domains with the intent on making mini-mobile sites (I was unfortunately very (very very) late to learn about the existence of responsive web design, which essentially killed the need/demand for .mobi) and ultimately cost me a good deal of money. (You're welcome GoDaddy .. lol)

    A few years later (effectively 3 years ago), I saw a bunch of quality 1-word and 1-term .co domains about to expire .. and told myself that I would not make the same mistake as I did with .mobi, and that this time I'd acquire them ALSO with the possible intent of reselling them. As time moved on, I dismissed the time-consuming idea of development and decided to commit to domaining. I slowly shifted focus to .com domains and today my portfolio is 93% .com. Although I still have some .co and actually did OK with them overall as I've made multiple 4-figure .co sales) .. and well .. here we are today .. 3 years later and thankfully I'm a profitable domainer despite not even maximising my portfolio visibility (far less than half are listed, even less priced .. I'm hoping to change that this week)! :)

    Obviously many domainers have (at least) one domain to use as a marketplace, so I'm not really talking about those domains. Curious more about any and every other domain(s) you've acquired that you still would have acquired if you were not a domainer. Domains you intend/hope to one day develop.

    For example, as many of you who follow my lists here and at NameCult know, I often link back to Steamie's (my dog) domain (SteamieTheHotDog.com), even if that simply links back to a Facebook page I made for him.

    I started this thread because today I got confirmation of Hot/Dog/Forum (in com) hitting my account .. and I was thinking of making a Dachshund related forum to get my feet wet in maybe getting back into website build-outs. I've got other domains that I acquired for various "eventually maybe develop but probably never will" reasons, I'll share more later .. but just wanted to know if any of you have domains you've acquired for non-domainer reasons?
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  2. Riz M.

    Riz M. EmpireNames.com VIP Gold Account

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    I was enduser of himalayansecret.com i bought it from hugedomains lol
    Its actually pain 🤣🤣
  3. hawkeye

    hawkeye Top Member PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Why do 3 answers have,'this is how I discovered domaining'? I've been/am the end user for domains I've bought and use, but I happened to be a domainer and an end user too.
  4. Ategy

    Ategy Arif M, NameCult.com TheDomainSocial.com VIP Gold Account

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    lol ...
    1. Yes, and that's how I discovered Domaining.
      You used to buy domains as an end user then discovered domaining and now only buy to resell
    2. Yes, and I still do, and that's how I discovered Domaining.
      Same as 1 but you're still buying as an end user
    3. Yes, but only after I discovered Domaining.
      You started as a domainer before buying your first end-user domain

    I just asked the mods to change the first two answers to these which are a bit clearer:

    1 - Yes (but not anymore), that's how I discovered Domaining.
    2 - Yes (and I still do), that's how I discovered Domaining.

    I suppose there should also be an option that someone might have been an end user, but then started domaining for completely unrelated reasons .. but I'm thinking if someone was an end user, then at least part of their decision to start domaining was from previously owning those end-user domains.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
  5. Anees Ahmad

    Anees Ahmad Established Member

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    That's an interesting story. I would like to know if you are a full time domainer.

    I discovered domaining by acquiring one for my own. had to search a lot to get a good one available. The fact that most of the names I could easily think of was occupied started to wonder me already. I had to design a new framework before building the actual website (It is not finished yet :xf.grin:). While engaged in it, some better names came into me. Each time regretted registering the old ones. At some point I started registering domains with the intention to sell.
  6. Soofi

    Soofi Punjab, India PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I have purchased plenty of domain names as an enduser by paying premium price, after being a domain investor!
  7. Anees Ahmad

    Anees Ahmad Established Member

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    Plenty of domains? to develop or to resell?
  8. HotKey

    HotKey Made in Canada VIP

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    Hah. Well, I got into domaining because I was looking for a shorter domain (ccTLD) to use as a forwarder to my site (.com). From there, it spiraled into the padded room I am kept in now.
  9. equity78

    equity78 Top Member TheDomains Staff TLDInvestors.com PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    At the start of registering domain names back in 1997 it was as an end user, I wish I had focused on buying names for investment/trade back then. It was a year later that I added domains for investment.
  10. Truespin Domains

    Truespin Domains Top Contributor VIP

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    I have bought domains as an end user, although I have never paid much - partly because I'm a part-time developer and most my work is hobbyist, so I don't want to pay huge sums for a domain that's likely not going to make much money, if any.

    Conversely, I routinely buy domains for $xxxx as a reseller.

    I did once buy a domain for $xxxx for a project of mine, but in the end I couldn't justify it and sold it for a slight profit.

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