Has time limit on outbound domain sale worked for anyone?

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    I have sent some outbound emails along with follow-ups related to a domain over past few weeks. I see that some people open it over 4-5 times every time (tracked through streak), but they do not reply. In such a scenario, would giving a time limit work for getting a response?

    For example: If I would say that we will be selling off this domain in the next 2-3 days etc. OR Last 2 days to make an offer. OR If I would set a BIN and point them to the landing page.

    OR would it make them feel that the seller is Pushy/Desperate or is not getting offers?

    For people who have done outbound, how do you manage such a situation where they view the email multiple times but just do not respond.
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    I've seen some people have success with putting a domain into auction and then doing outbound. It adds a sense of urgency, especially if there is a bid or two. But depending on who you're sending emails to, they may have to talk to their board or get approval to buy the name, so adding a short timeline might make them pass on it immediately because they know they won't have enough time to go through the internal steps.

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