Has anyone used a broker for selling?

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    Was wondering if it is worth it to use a domain broker to sell domains. Seems like it would take out a lot of the legwork. Im sure there are a lot of people claiming to be a domain broker that just suck at it. So part 2 of the question, if it is beneficial to use a broker, does anyone have any recommendations of a good one?
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    Yes they have.......

    But.....they only deal with high/good quality domains


    I would suggest looking on some of the broker websites in the list above and seeing the quality of domains that are listed - these are premium domains..... next time someone says they have a premium domain or you think you have one/some do a comparison with them and that should tell you if you or anyone else needs or is going to be able to hire a broker.....
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  3. Pairadice

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    Brokers on the main sites do take some of the work out of it and stuff but then you have to wonder if they are even on your side, as there is no way to know what they are telling to the buyers and they have a massive conflict of interest since they are selling their own domains too. Most or all of the people who make inquiries and offers through them end up as no sale.. so you wonder what happened.. and you will never know.

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