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Google & Amazon Are Killing Websites & Businesses



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I first want to state that I am aware how great both of these services really are. They save people time, they make people's lives better. However, while servicing people they are also killing websites and businesses. They are Monopolies.


Amazon besides killing off many retail stores with a physical presence, has also crushed competition as far as ecommerce and they show no sign of stopping. They have just decided to give their employees a raise of $15 minimum which is great. But...they also just opened a physical store in New York last week (I believe in Brooklyn). Anything listed on Amazon with 4 stars and higher can be bought from this physical store. Amazon will most likely do this in every city state. This will kill even more brick and mortar businesses. They also started rolling out physical stores, I believe already in DC, where there are no lines or checkouts (Amazon Go). Amazon owns Whole Foods and for the past year I've been getting all of my grocery delivery from Amazon Fresh. So they can possibly kill off Food delivery services. I started using Amazon Prime which is same day - a couple of hours, delivery services of certain items. This service can kill off Postmates and other services like that. They are a great company but I am concerned about how big they are becoming.


Google isn't that bad but they are killing and hurting the traffic of some websites. Besides trying to dip in domain names I can only imagine they will roll out with their own hosting service soon and they already have the .app domain names which there is a lot of speculations about. The main thing that is killing websites are these snippet previews. If you type in something in Google now it actually shows picture snippets with the link of the website in the "People Also Searched For" label. If you type in "flights" or "flight" Google flights show up in a snippet, not the major airlines (although they still in rank on the top page). And I just discovered a few minutes ago that if you type "jobs" a list of jobs that are hiring near you will show up in Google search engine and you can click "see more" which does not take you to a job listing website but to an expanded Google Search engine listing of jobs near your area. I think that's great for people searching for jobs but, all these jobs listing websites are going to die.

Facebook is also a monopoly but they are not killing much of anything except for companies in the advertising sectors.

I think this information should be considered when thinking of your domain names and your prospective buyers and their industry. But Im speaking from a consumer perspective and not as a domainer.


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While I agree with what you said, let's look at what you said about Amazon, you are a customer it's where you get your food and other stuff, if you are doing that it must be that you feel you are getting quality, value, etc... So it makes sense that everyone would want that not just you, so others are going to have to find ways to compete. If not they go by the wayside, now there might be a case down the road where there is a call for a breakup like Standard Oil over a century ago.

It should be noted it took 40 years to get Standard Oil declared an illegal monopoly. I would think Amazon might spin off their foods company into a separate company down the road giving shareholders a piece of that company through it's divestiture.


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