Good Domain But Bad History..What To Do?

Located in Domain Beginners, started by magnizmo, Oct 17, 2016


  1. magnizmo

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    What to do when you find a good domain name that's not adult related but if you do an search the domain name was redirected to an adult site/domain?

    The history shows it's been a redirect for the past 7 years. What are your thoughts? Worth registering, does the history/redirect give the domain a bad rep?

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  2. kaffekoppen

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    Would like some answers to this too
  3. aramyus

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    Chances are that the domain is banned by G. Unfortunately, if it's expired, you can't really find (normally you search Most likely, a seo expert would be able to restore it's status with google.

    More problematic is the 'nasty' reputation that the domain may have acquired because visitors to the domain have landed on adult pages. You can have an idea by searching "yourdomain" or "" in G. If there are only a few results, a reputation management company will quickly make them disappear.

    Overall, if the domain is good, it's really workable.

    A good option would probably be to develop the domain if the relation subject/domain is very narrow.
  4. Nerevar

    Nerevar Top Contributor VIP

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    Search to know is the domain is banned / adult. It works even when the domain is unregistered.
    - If it is banned ("failisted"), then it is generally not worth it.
    - If it is just "adult", but the name itself does not contain any bad language, then it can be cleared. Park it and then ask the parking admins to restore it to non-adult status (they have their ways, it can take a couple of weeks).
    - If it is normal, take it. In 95+% of cases, the end-user does not care about domain's history. Besides, when a new website is developed, it will grow its own history and be quite OK.
  5. Omar Negron

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    I don't think domain history is too important. If you are trying to work on a domain for SEO purposes then possibly if it was banned by the SERPS or something but even in those types of instances, I've read that those penalties can be lifted.

    If a domain name is dropping or in an auction and it's a juicy one, I don't care what the history of it was (unless it was like something super bad or super illegal or something But in most instances, higher quality domain names don't fall into this category.

  6. MasterOfMyDomains

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    Don't believe all those adsense banned tools. One says all my names are banned.
    I build a wordpress site, but no google ads, then list at sedo. It says tier 2 ads, says its banned, but says not banned.
    Afternic parked pages won't show ads for me, if the site is banned, so namestat is wrong.
    I have picked up names banned by adsense, recently and also have had names banned from adsense then unbanned, with a little work.
    Also own a name that was previous adult for 17 years, even had an page detailing adult content, I edited that. total adult history. It's clean now.
    Just googled the name in "quotation marks" all that bad stuff is gone. It's actually about knitting :xf.wink:

    Is it indexed in goo?
    are there backlinks?

    Google has info on banned names

    How do you know it was redirected/forwarded? This i would like to know:-D
  7. andrew111

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    I think there is a way to delete those saved snapshots from
  8. magnizmo

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    Thank you all for the advice and links, never heard of before. Bookmarked that one!

    The domain name I was after has been registered. It was an ok domain name, BUT I'm not too worried. Still learning and so glad I started this thread because now I know for future reg.

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