GoDaddy Q1 revenue up 13.8% – $775m share repurchase authorized

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    GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) reported first quarter earnings today. After hours 82.75 +0.51 (0.62%) GoDaddy raised its full year revenue expectations by $45 million to $3.745 billion, representing approximately 13% year over year growth. Revenue growth by category is expected to approximate double-digit growth in Domains, high-single-digit growth in Hosting and Presence, and high-teens growth in … [Read more...]
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    And the rich get richer.
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    GoDaddy (GDDY) came out with quarterly earnings of $0.06 per share, missing the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $0.31 per share

    That is quite a miss, percent wise.
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    IMO, a key to godaddy incredible market dominance is by offering 24-hour phone support since i think day one in business. Some webfirms offer no phone support, or make it difficult to find a number, or have limited support hours.

    I was told by a long time GD employee Bob Parsons personally helped answer support calls when by was in the area if it looked busy. Not many CEOs will do that.

    The public really likes the great support which GD still offered during the pandemic with reasonable hold times. Of course the strong upselling methods also help proper them to number-1. I do not believe anyone else comes close to GD as far as support and powerful upselling is concerned.

    For example, recently waiting for several support tickets to be answered for 2 months from 3 places; a parking firm, a domain firm and a sales platform. these same places also made it far from easy to call support. A 4th place does support by chat only with an almost impossible to find ticket system and no published phone numbers, not to mention the site being down for maintenance or using captchas too much.

    Because of that I stopped using 3 of them and getting negative about the 4th.

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