Godaddy domain manager is down again???? #embarrassing

Located in Domain Marketplace Reviews started by Rory Ivey, Aug 25, 2019.


  1. Rory Ivey

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    What's going on with Godaddy?

    People have been complaining about getting a blank page when they go to view their domains for the last two weeks.

    Yesterday I went to do the same and I get the below page: upload_2019-8-25_18-9-3.png

    1. I have defended Godaddy many times. They are not known for hosting so i let their poor hosting pass.
    2. They are not known for websites, so i give them a pass and cover them.

    But They are suppose to be the top domain name registrar???????????

    How can you be bad at something you are known for or claim to be number one at?
    Godaddy cannot hire good developers to create a respectable domain manager???

    1. One week people couldn't receive domains being pushed...
    2. The next week, you forward names and change nameservers and they make changes for names you never select.
    3. A next week, people get a blank page
    4. Now, I get this??????
    I have a business: What if someone purchase a name and i need to push or transfer it now?????

    This actually happened to me here on NP.

    This shouldn't be on a to do list with their tech guys and gals...
    This is their bread and butter.. This should be an emergency.

    The leader of Godaddy has lost his zeal and love for this business.
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  2. wwwweb

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    I got that the other day also. Frustrating.
  3. 70ym

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    I get this too

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