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  1. Is it just me, or is anyone else experiencing webmail sending issues on Go Daddy's new email interface? It keeps kicking a "You are about to leave the page and content may be lost" alert when you click "send" but won't let you cancel the popup and it goes to a blank page when you click "leave". No emails sending. Any idea's @Joe Styler ?
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    I haven't seen or heard of this but I will have someone reach out to you while I am away.
  3. Thanks,

    Amy called and left a message, I'll get back with her today. I appreciate your assistance.

    I seem to be able to use the email interface through Go Daddy directly, however, that's not very practical. Hopefully, we can get this WorkSpace email issue sorted.

    I'll update once I have a better understanding ow what happened. ;)
  4. Update: Just got off the phone with Amy.

    She was an awesome help, very responsive, and took the time to go over everything with me.

    While we were not able to isolate the exact reason for the glitch/error, we did identify that Go Daddy released an internal statement in April 2017 (Last month) that the workspace notifier/webmail will be discontinued soon and that Go daddy will be switching to a web based notification system.

    It was suggested that since my workspace notifier is an older version, an uninstall and reinstall may fix it with the newer version (In the event the old version didn't update correctly). However, since the tool is going to be discontinued and replaced soon, I don't see much sense in going through all that.

    I'll be researching 3rd party tools (E.g. Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) that can handle my desktop notifications moving forward.

    Thanks again for the assistance and referral to Amy @Joe Styler

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