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Site Name: SEOclerks
For reducing the spamming, please follow the following steps to get the Free SEOClerks $5 coupon.

Full instructions with images can be seen here at

Step 1: Go to register your account following the link below:

Step 2:
a) Check your email to confirm your email address.
b) As soon as you confirmed the email address, Visit:

To-do-list: Enter your details and hit send.
1. Your Name:
2. Your Primary / Regular Email:
3. Subject(Copy & Paste): Send My Free $5 Seoclerks Coupon
4. Your SEOclerks Username in "Your Message" Box

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Step 3: US$5 coupon will be sent to you.
Take note: The coupon will only be work for one user whose account is 10 days old or less. In addition, it will expire in 10 days

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Just want to update here.
I have created a video for showing you the process of sign up through my website to get $5 Seoclerks coupon. Once you signed, it will appear on my dashboard automatically with the site you clicked.

My website URL must shown together with your username. All else, I have to treat it as face user.
Your full understanding is much appreciated.
Thank you

Check the video here:
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