General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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    This information is designed to help answer common questions associated with the GDPR and NamePros.

    You posted your personal data

    We may help you remove your personal data that you have posted on NamePros if you do the following:
    1. Contact us to provide the exact links to the content (i.e., link to the post or message, not the thread or conversation that contains it).

    2. Specify exactly what is personal information and why you consider it personal information.

    3. If the content is in a direct message, you will have to use the “Report” link on the specific message(s) in the conversation so that we can assist you.

    4. Understand that we may only remove the personal data from your content, not any other part, which means that the rest of your post or message may remain with the personal data redacted.

    5. Accept that removal of personal data is not an absolute right in the GDPR and certain restrictions on erasure will apply: learn more in our privacy policy.
    This procedure is necessary because there are millions of posts and messages on NamePros, and they can be composed of just about anything (e.g., images), so we do not know which ones contain personal information about you.

    Someone else posted about you or your personal data

    It does not appear to be fully established yet how the GDPR affects user-generated content that you did not produce. For instance, the GDPR states that it needs to be balanced against other rights:

    "The right to the protection of personal data is not an absolute right; it must be considered in relation to its function in society and be balanced against other fundamental rights, in accordance with the principle of proportionality."

    Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of expression and information, along with other rights, should be taken into consideration.

    As such, it appears that the GDPR applies primarily to personal data that you have provided directly. In due time, it should become more clear about whether the GDPR is applicable to user-generated content by others and to what extent.

    Information about your legal entity (e.g., company)

    The GDPR applies to natural persons (living individuals), and it does not apply to legal persons (e.g., legal entities).

    For instance, may be considered personal information because it contains an individual's name (i.e., “John Doe”). However, the GDPR does not apply to [email protected] or because those only contain information about companies (or other entities) that are not natural persons.

    Information on your account and profile

    We have a help guide to assist you:

    Questions or comments?

    For anything else:
    The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros.

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