GD and AN should unite



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Are GD and AN same companies? They pretend they are different.
What is the problem with AN.
If we get an offer or a price request, the "buyer" is always a domainer, or GD agent.
Can anyone say, this is not true? Do endusers ever go to AN and make an offer or a price request?
So we never negotiate with or sell directly to an actual enduser.
So when we respond to a price request, we are letting GD agent know what our selling price (at seller side) is.
GD doesn't have to report our response to actual buyer, at least in real time.

I think this is bad, but maybe you think it is good, or not even true. Maybe they prevent buyers from quitting easily.
I get an email saying I got a price request, and I login and see there is no price request.
My price is good, but domain is not sold, and I drop the domain, and it is dropcatched.
I suspect most Sedo sales are also GD sales.


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Currently the main (only) problem with them is login issue.
this may happen either from their side or due to an internet problem. If you are really facing a problem with login I recommend you to go for another method. For example try from other login portal websites. One of them is Elogin website which gives you a category-wise login portal and will guide you step by step. They have many categories such as educational, employee, bank and finance, and many more. Which includes many companies. I hope you can solve your problem with this.
Thank you!
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