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    Someone commented 5 years ago on Ricksblog in 2012 about the opposite effect of Facebook being an entry point to get on the internet, as opposed to an exit point where a company gets fed up with maintaining their own website. I am not suggesting domain names are being replaced, but only interested in digging into the markets deeper.

    Does anyone have a suggested statistical or trend monitoring website or websites to look further into this?

    Some of you post some great stats and trends here on Namepro's like that website, which shows 74 percent of domains undeveloped.

    Other than large corporations, spinoffs, mergers or startups looking for a brand name, I dont see data to suggest non web or non tech based companies growth into creating more websites.
    Sure trends like Drones, VR, Vegan this and that, names will get registered and a small percentage sold. But the tons of dropped domains in real estate, investments, retail goods, etc. is quite amazing.

    The retail erosion caused by Amazon is another factor, but that causes smart boutique companies to look for international sales and a need for website to those that are smart enough to realize it. Amazon's continued growth will impact shopping malls at least in the US.

    The idea was in the future beyond 2012 people would dump using platforms they don't control their own privacy and destiny and switch to a domain name/ website. Before Facebook, Myspace was for music, then Soundcloud came along. Now Youtube subscriptions and every imaginable subject is covered, no need for websites showing how to information, song lyrics etc. The point made in the comment made me stop and think somewhat about it more. My gut tells me the path of least resistance is Facebook for the vast majority. If you are a small local only business- there really isnt a reason to be on the net. I've travel extensively and can see first hand in Latin America, Asia and Europe the past two years and see no reason at all for most any consumer B2C company to own their own domain. Exporters or B2B doing international sales yes, or doing local sales distribution in regions. Anything retail is DOA.

    And I see the failed businesses or ones changing within all the drops, to me seems to support my gut feeling and non data supported opinion. Seeing Linked In as a business webpage is another convenient alternative being used instead of a website ( Recently noticed how a $10MM sized company dropped their domains).

    The growth it seems to me will be focused and will always be startups and mainly those who create apps and web based applications on subscription, which the past few years the trend seems likely more growth. China and India are the growth economies, but why would they want a domain name as in the past growth prior to social media? Other than as an investment...

    I have noticed entire Government departments in the developing world even use Facebook instead of hosting their own website. Some will realize that these non-private free-rental swapmeet spaces, will need to be secured to protect their data but there is plenty of room for growth on other platforms than a domain name and creating your own own website.
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    Social media works wonders.
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    Across all TLDs ? You will see very different rates from one extension to another.

    Like you said: for a brand name.

    You've said it yourself, platforms come and go like fads. You cannot expect they will be around forever. Also, they do not offer real websites and you are limited in your promotion efforts in terms of SEO for example.

    A purely local, small company is probably not going to buy a domain name on the aftermarket anyway. So I try to buy names that a bigger company would want.

    For E-mail perhaps ? Putting a hotmail or gmail address on a truck is not professional.

    To advertise it...
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    Thank you for the thoughful input here, appreciate it as I am trying to move into some specific directions in my investments.

    Sorry, I was generalizing based on solely an assumption of english speaking domains registered by the main promoter of the Ntld's : Uniregistry, some changes now today I did a screenshot and shows about 73% percent are simply parked. The number of undeveloped domains even in .com is pretty amazing when you spend time at searching and looking at the drops like I have been doing for 6 months. I have no hard data on those, which I still am looking for that across .Com, .Net and .Org.
    Across all Ntld's and registers- 15 Million are parked per the 27 Million registered which is across the board. The redirected domains are 1.6 Million- so must be point to .Com's.

    So you agree? Now, with that being said- non-tech companies and start up's- and that market growth and trending is what interests me.

    SEO and paid placement. I somehow left that factor out. This is a big selling point for domains/websites. Myspace "left the building" for sure. However, Facebook, I see never dying- at least with wide range of users of all income levels, skill sets and ages. For example on both spectrums-sitting in the back of a 50 cent ride bus ride at night in Latin America. Everyone, I mean the entire bus is filled with light since all the smartphones illuminate the entire interior of the bus. The majority are Facebook pages or Whatsapp. Or say in a well heeled place like Zurich at the Airport, all the suited classes all nearly doing the same exact thing once seated- reviewing Facebook. Linked in, I have not noticed it as much.

    In the past, prior to Facebook these local only smaller companies did, it was a fad too- to have your own domain and website. At least from my conclusions watching this over the years and restaurants even having websites with menu's, but now with Google Local and Yelp- seems moot.

    Not professional or effective at all, but I still see it. It's amazing to me the number of "[email protected]" advertisements I have seen on trucks and storefronts. And of course, it's a ridiculous waste of advertising effort, unless you believe a customer will snap a photo with their cell phone.

    I find outside the states, in retail that business cards are becoming rare. I will eat somewhere and want to recall where it was or in a store where I am buying something and ask for one, and get a blank stare. Sure you see QR codes here and there- but more often than not they scribble down a facebook address or hand me my thermal printed sales receipt- that might have a phone number on it.
    I recall I left a bag at a restaurant while traveling last year, and used the photograph I took nearby that had GPS location coordinates with the taxi driver to retrace my location. As I recall, no directions on the sales receipt. No website or Gmail address either.

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