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  1. Yaseeny15

    Yaseeny15 Established Member

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    Hi NP members
    My 2nd year anniversary just past and I meant to put up my eBook as a special event however I am on holiday so finding WiFi was a bit tough. I wrote this eBook a few years back. The eBook contains a simple introduction into the world of domain name trading. It covers topics such as what to look at when buying a domain, where to buy and sell domains etc. It covers the basics. I thought it would be good to share this with all the NP members since I love NP. Th eBook is call "The Domain Name Game". I welcome any constructive criticism. Most of the content can easily be found on Google and that is why I have made it free. I just decided to compile the best parts of it into my very own eBook to make a little money of course and to help all those super lazy people (I am one of them). The eBook is published on SmashWords. I hope it can help some people and avoid some silly mistakes that I made while staggering my way here.
    It is a 'set your own price' book thus you do not have to pay anything. If you are feeling kind and would like to contribute, simple type in the amount you would like to 'buy'the book for.
    Your ratings would also be much appreciated.
    I am here if you have any questions, however as I mentioned my WiFi problem I may not always reply immediately but I shall do my best.
    Thank you for time and help.
    It is much appreciated. Enjoy your read.
    and May the Domain be with you.
    Click here to claim and read your free eBook. That is the affiliate link and you may click here for the normal link.

    *eBook will be free for a month starting now.
    I would appreciate it as well if you answered the poll below.
    Thank you
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  2. Yaseeny15

    Yaseeny15 Established Member

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    UPDATE: Due to a recent smashwords promotion I will need to set my book to a certain price BUT NP members can use the coupon UY84Z. This offer is exclusively fro NP members.

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