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    I did this before I bought 15,000 in bitcoin, but they give you 10 dollars in free bitcoin, similar to coinbase, but this is a different site, its yes it is an affiliate link, but it does not work unless you use it. and I don't get paid unless you end up buying coin.

    hope this is okay. if not, delete it.
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    Interesting, I did not know that there is such thing as Bitcoin especially now that it is the largest and most expensive coin in the crypto market. I think it is only applicable to those who bought a large amount of Bitcoin. Oh well, I will might as well try the link that you posted and hope for the best. Also, have you tried investing in other coins aside from btc? Well, I have been trying other coins in the market right now and I think there are other cheaper coins that is worth the price and not to volatile.

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