sales Four Domain Sales Totaling Over $1 Million Lead New DNJ Chart - Six of Top 10 are Non .Coms

The new bi-weekly domain sales report is out at The rising tide in the domain aftermarket continues to lift A LOT of boats. .Com remains King but some other TLDs are flexing some serious muscle too. Six of the top 10 sales on our latest bi-weekly all extension Top 20 Sales Chart are non .com domains with two of the year's three biggest ccTLD sales to date (totaling over a half million dollars) leading the non .com charge. Still, a $400,000 .com tops the list and the .coms took 12 entries overall. The ccTLDs and non .com gTLDs claimed four spots apiece and the latter group had one of their 10 biggest sales year to date. You can get all of the details here:
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