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    Just want to share mistakes that Newbies normally make from my experience - Do not attack. Remember this one is for Newbies Only. If you are an experienced Domainer then ignore this thread and move on.

    1. When posting for an auction try to limit the time to 72/48 or 24 hours. It's not worth your time to wait for days to get a couple dollars more. Your time is more important than waiting to collect pennies.
    2. If you see a name in an auction and you like the name, you don't have to bid. Just click to subscribe the thread and you will be notify by email about the status of the auction. The more people bid the higher the price will be.
    3. Don't be nickel and dime and lose the name when it comes to bidding. Ex: when the last bid is $96 and the BIN is $100, post sold to claim it. How many times did you lose a name in this situation?
    4. Contact the Seller via PM/DM if you want to know the price, why post "PM me"? When you contact via PM/DM, you have no competition, when you post in public you generate the interests of the name to others.
    5. Stay away from Geo names. The market is big so why limit yourself to a smaller market?
    6. Stop copy cat from others and post in the "Request to Buy" section. You will just waste your time.
    "Cheap Names are not Good and Good Names are not Cheap". No one would sell you dictionary word for $5,000. If they have the name then they are either crap name or not dictionary word.
    7. Stay away from "too cheap" Registrar. Try to go with well known registrars. You may have problems with the cheap/unknown ones when it comes to support/transfer/and work with other reseller markets (Afternic, Sedo, etc...)
    8. Deal with the company first if you have any problems and need Tech Support instead of posting your problems here: Ex: My Registrar stole my name, They deleted my account for nothing, All my names are gone, etc...Most of the time the problems will be solved instead of spend the time posting your problems, explain the detail, defend yourself if someone attack you....and you have nothing to gain or solve.
    9. Spend the time to read, there are TON of information here, before asking questions. You are the only one who can help your self and remember: Not every answers here is correct. Ex: The #1 question that we see new member keeps asking over and over again " There is a company name STUPID, can I register IAMSTUPID and sell the name to them?"
    10. If you are brand new, build up your reputation and start selling cheap name even at cost to create your Trader Rating.

    Good luck and see you next year in The Million Club.
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  2. Akhil M

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    Thanks for the time and effort you put into these posts Johnn ! As always, your posts are Gems to newbies like me 😊😊

    - Akhil
  3. Dr.Wolf

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    Thaanks for the valuable support brother
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  4. masvil

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    Like it, thank you.
  5. kamal-09

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    Thank you so much for this valuable info.
  6. Duck_Duck_Domain

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    Totally agree...very very helpful.

    Kind of a rule book for a newbie!
  7. TauseefKhan

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    Thanks for these awesome tips.

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