First Name, Last Name Dot Com in Auction closes today already at $1,825 USD but why?

Labeled as domain in External Domain and Website Sales, started by Robbie, Apr 22, 2021


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  1. Robbie

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    The domain name has expired and is currently being auctioned on GoDaddy, at the time of writing this post the auction closes in 10 Hours, and the domain name had received 53 Bids and the price hit $1,825 USD but the question I ask is why?

    We see the First Name, Last Name domain name sell often on the secondary market often after they have been hand registered but I don’t regularly see the First Name, Last Name domains hitting these prices on Expired Auction Platforms.

    GoDaddy gives this domain name an estimate of $1,035 USD and shows comparable First Name, Last Name domain sales but I still don’t know who is bidding this much for

    Google has 9,740,000 results for the term Gregory Braun and exact match results of 16,500 results with the most probable person that might want to acquire the domain name being the below based on Google results

    Gregory Braun of Calvin University

    Gregory Braun of Braun and Rich Attorney Practice

    Could it be one of the other 122 Gregory Braun’s on LinkedIn?

    What do you think, will be the final price of, Click here to check out the current bid…

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  2. ixex

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    I may have no idea what I am talking about... but can a party sell and/or profit from a person's legal name? Let alone occupy/lay claim to their name, via a domain in this case.

    Also this cant be the first time that this subject has been brought up on NP
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  3. lovedomains

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  4. CraigD

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    It's possible that an old email account may have value for whatever reason.

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