domains Firebird Restaurant rebrands after pressure from East Coast chain



A Carmichael restaurant — which recently took “Russian” out of its name after the nation invaded Ukraine — has changed its brand again to avoid legal troubles from an East Coast chain with a similar name.

The former Firebird Restaurant closed after it received a letter from Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, claiming trademark infringement, the owner told The Bee.

“I was really disappointed,” owner Alexandru Sirbu said. “We were trying to do something good, and this restaurant has been here for around 12 years, and no one has said anything about that until now.”

The East European Restaurant plans to reopen soon under the name “Noroc,” which means luck in Romanian.

( FirebirdRussianRestaurant.com >> FirebirdRestaurant.com >> Firebrd.com >> NorocRestaurant.com )

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I wonder why the shopkeeper doesn't register his own trademark?
The store has been open for so long,
I think this trademark could be registered more than ten years ago
They can't register the same or similar trademark as the other person cause it covers the entire USA. But a different one, yes.
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