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Fake domain name broker tried to cheat another established broker..Bill Sweetman

Labeled as news in Domain Industry News started by vravis9, Dec 24, 2018.


  1. vravis9

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    Hi NamePros...

    I just listened to latest episode of DNW podcast...and I thought I should share it here...

    I am sure most of us listen to DNW but this is important topic and very important that everyone knows about this... especially new comers...

    The story came from established domain broker
    Bill Sweetman of Name Ninja..

    Someone tried to sell a one word (that is even a typo) domain name pretending as Tracy Fogarty, the famous broker and founder of eNaming brokerage service.

    Bill played along to find who the cheater is...

    You should listen and take note of points to keep in mind when searching for a broker...


    Direct podcast link:

    P.S.: I really hope no one will say...that it's not a big deal and this is legitimate business practice. (You know why I am saying this if you read some thoughts on previous issue occured here and a thread opened to discuss it)

    I thought I saw this name (the name mentioned in the episode) yesterday somewhere listed... I searched all the tabs I went recently but couldn't find...may be I am wrong...let us know if you came across this name anywhere...

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  2. Fancy.domains

    Fancy.domains Selling gTLDs like delicious hotcakes Gold Account VIP

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    Thanks for your update!

    Personally, I haven’t listened to the DNW podcast for a while, but will start again.
  3. cooljub

    cooljub Established Member

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    Thanks, loved the parking attendant story :xf.laugh:
  4. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent VIP

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    I listened to this one a few nights ago. What amazed me most was all the steps the scammer went to in trying to complete the deal. From impersonating an authentic domain broker, to invoking a fake senior escrow person at a real law firm (impersonating a law firm is pretty bold!), to the fake (stolen?) drivers license used for id.

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