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    1:47 PM is being auctioned at!


    Domain Only

    Currently registered at / Exp.5/30/18


    • 7 Years Aged (Originally registered in 2010)
    • Many comparable sales incl. "3d printing" and "supply" keywords


    ******************************** notes that manufacturers across a broad spectrum of industries including automotive, aerospace, dental, discrete, high tech, and medical products are all actively piloting and using 3D printing technologies today. Idtechex notes the massive growth in the use and applications of 3D Printers is encouraging a massive growth in the market for 3D Printing supplies. Detailed forecasts, using information from interviews with 90 key players in the industry and disclosed financial information, estimate key materials are expected to have a total market of over $24 billion by 2027.

    Owners of the domain will be perfectly positioned to take advantage of the geometric growth of this hugely disruptive industry.


    Super popular "Supply" domain vertical - Over 20 "supply" related domain sales this year alone! (See Namebio)




    "3d Printing" and "Supply" related domain sales:

    •, SOLD FOR $33,150
    •, SOLD FOR $10,000
    •, SOLD FOR $7,500
    •, SOLD FOR $60.000
    •, SOLD FOR $12,500
    •, SOLD FOR $7,500
    •, SOLD FOR $150,000
    •, SOLD FOR $20,000
    •, SOLD FOR $9,100
    • SOLD FOR $8,538
    •, SOLD FOR $6,750
    •, SOLD FOR $6,000
    •, SOLD FOR $5,001
    •, SOLD FOR $4,900
    •, SOLD FOR $4,250
    Bottom line: There is a ton of upside in the future value of this domain name!
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