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    Hey guys... I'm Jon, the guy who created i❤️.ws, back with a new site:

    Over the last 18 months, there have been a lot of lessons learned about how to create a proper emoji domain registration site. I think you'll be pleased to see a number of innovations:
    • Better emoji display
    • Clear identifiers for all emoji
    • Ability to browse / search single character domains
    • Integrated GoDaddy Aftermarket... sell your emoji domains!
    • Dramatic improvement in domain suggestions
    • ... and more!
    This is part of a series of new sites which focus on single .TLDs for emoji domains while i❤️.ws is going over to the multi-TLD model in a few weeks, once .fm launches. (I'll announce the .fm site as soon as they're live...)

    Of course, any feedback is totally welcome:
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