eBook: How to get started in domain names.

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    How to get started in domain names.
    Buy, broker and sell domain names.


    Use the code "namepros" for a $5 discount.
    Pre-order the eBook here:

    How to get started in domain names.
    This ebook is a collection of my favorite stories, tips, and tricks as well as proven sales methods and advice to help you get started in domain names and the domain industry. This book is written in my own words and any additional information or sources are cited.

    Darryl is a Senior Domain Broker at I previously worked as a Domain Broker at for 4 and a half years where I brokered hundreds of domain names and sales totaling millions of dollars.

    The eBook contains:

    Sites I use as a domain broker and you should too.
    Phone calls.
    The Double Dial.
    Leave a voicemail at the beep.
    Domain registrars, registries and the registrant.
    Domain registration.
    $100 education at Namepros.
    Chasing trends to make sales.
    Domain age and does it matter.
    Who owns this domain name (WHOIS).
    Naming your startup.
    Buying domain names.
    Payments plans.
    Brokering domain names.
    Selling domain names.
    Top 10 tips.
    Emailing and email templates.
    Follow up and follow up templates.
    Social media.
    Legal stuff and trademarks.
    Value of a domain name and domain appraisals.
    Highest reported domain name sales.
    Fun facts.
    Future of domain names.

    + You will also get updated copies of this ebook with a single purchase.

    The $5,000 domain selling sales tip.
    The $100,000 email.
    Access to the Domain Talk Telegram chat group with 100+ like-minded domainers and domain investors.

    Use the code "namepros" for a $5 discount.
    Pre-order the eBook here:
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