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GoDaddy isn’t going to be happy about this one little bit...

“GoDaddy Says Durhamcitytaxi dot com Is Worth $900.00 And Now You Can Get Durhamcitytaxi dot com For Just $500!"

...You read right. Just search the name on Godaddy if you don’t believe me. GoDaddy wants $900.00 for Durhamcitytaxi dot com when I have the domain Durhamcitytaxi dot com for sale for just $500...or you can make a bid for it (starting at $1 with no reserve)...

This domain, truth be told, is worth a lot more. But I’m between a rock and a hard place and I want this domain my loss is truly your gain.

You know how much this is really worth and you know that you could turn around, with a little luck, and sell this for triple what you’ll get it for today.

Don’t waste any time get this hot domain now...before GoDaddy tries to buy it off of me and sell it for double or triple like they did for Durhamcitytaxi dot com!

Registrar - DomainNow
Renewal Price - $10
Renewal Date - 3/31/2024.
Payment Options - Escrow

Good luck!

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