DuckDuckGo Releases Tracker Radar Tool

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    When we set out to add tracker protection, we found that existing lists of trackers were mostly manually curated, which meant they were often stale and never comprehensive. And, even worse, those lists sometimes break websites, which hinders mainstream adoption. So, over the last couple of years we built our own data set of trackers based on a crawling process that doesn’t have these drawbacks. We call it DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar. It is automatically generated, constantly updated, and continually tested.

    Tracker Radar contains the most common cross-site trackers and includes detailed information about their tracking behavior, including prevalence, ownership, fingerprinting behavior, cookie behavior, privacy policy, rules for specific resources (with exceptions for site breakage), and performance data.

    • Individuals can benefit from it by using our apps or extensions, which has a block list based on it.
    • Developers can use it to make their own custom tracker block lists.
    • Researchers can use it to research the tracking universe.
    read more (spreadprivacy / duck blog)
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