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    registered on 31th May 2018 through godaddy, i didnt know that the domain name were exactly matched with Citizen Machinery Group (CMG) product brand name. In the beginning it was parked on godaddy parking, later i use undeveloped sales page.

    27th June 2018 i got email notification from nominet about whois data release to CMG
    10th July 2018 i got second email from nominet about Dispute Resolution Service

    Now i had to fill a respond before 31th July. I already arrange my thought and i'm planning to respond as below :

    digging to the nominet website i found that this DRS step would lead to mediation first Off course i'm more than willing to sell the domain, with the decent price

    Anyone willing to share their thought? maybe my respond were not enough to convince CMG to buy it. Or any thought about the decent price?
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