Double Standard: Brokers can conceal a owners identity, but nP members must reveal their identity?

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Double standard?

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  1. Grilled

    Grilled Black Lives Matter VIP

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    Anybody else sick of these so called big domain brokers claiming big sales, and more often than not, the buyers identity is revealed much more often than the domain owners identify (hiding behind the broker proxy)?

    This leaves speculation of did the domain sell from an investor to another investor, or any other situation that can arise when you buy a domain name without actually knowning ownership, and ownership history.

    Then, domain brokers, usually nonnamepro'ers will complain about namePros being anonymous, and we should know our place, and/or respect their contributions instead of being anonymous trolls, or whatever they feel like calling us on any particular day.
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  2. Keith

    Keith Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    It is the right of either party, buyer and seller, to remain anonymous. It is not a right for us in the domain community to be privy to the details of transactions that we’re not involved in.

    As for brokers, they operate based on the client’s wishes. You do what it takes to get the deal done!
  3. Silentptnr

    Silentptnr Top Contributor VIP

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    I don't invest in domains because of what anyone else is doing. Brokers or otherwise. It's my domain business. It's a real business. A real industry. Domains really do sell every day.

    I enjoy reading about sales but for me reading the sales data also helps me learn. It never raises speculation for me.

    I dont share all my sales. I ust wouldn't want a buyer to stumble onto the completed sales thread and see info they dont need to know.

    I'm grateful for what sales info is provided and I would not think to question a reported sale because I'm too busy and it wouldn't make me money either way.

    I assume most buyers and sellers prefer confidentiality. Ownership history or provenance can be verified to some extent already.

    Look, brokers play an important role in this industry. Those broker sales provide good comparable sales data that helps others price their domains often higher.

    Anyway, just my opinion.
  4. Grilled

    Grilled Black Lives Matter VIP

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    Disagree. I think some do more harm than good.

    But appreciate your opinion.
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  5. karmaco

    karmaco Top Contributor VIP

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    This is a cut throat non transparent industry with alot of potentially dubious things going on behind the scenes. You can’t let other people in it or their actions get to you. Focus on your own business and portfolio.

    The people at the supposed top are often arrogant and look down on the average domainer here as ”trolls” or “rats” or bottom feeders etc. If those are our supposed industry leaders, its best to look elsewhere for inspiration.

    I certainly don’t think the majority of people here are trolls. Quite the opposite.

    I am more offended about people insulting NamePros than any dispute about reported sales.

    All sales reporting is voluntary. All details are voluntary. I often get annoyed when people ask the same repeated question after question over and over on the sales thread. We don’t have a built in right to all info— it’s voluntary.

    I don’t report all sales here and only do on occasion. Privacy is important and there are people who will spam the buyer if they know who it is. So anonymous or undisclosed is fine with me.
  6. Grilled

    Grilled Black Lives Matter VIP

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    Thank you 🙏
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  7. Domain Shane

    Domain Shane Top Member DSAD.com Staff PRO VIP ICA Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    The irony in this post is that the brokers are the only ones that can truly be criticized because their real name is attached. Telling the truth or not, you can assign a statement to that person. When you have a username your only reach is within that forum and nothing is sticky. Anything or anyone without transparency should have "maybe" put at the end of their sentences. As for their clients. That's a completely different thing. There are many reasons why a company or person would not want their price or name in the press

    And nobody is better than the next person. Nobody. To someone in their world they are the best person on earth. Maybe not to you, but to someone. But that doesn't make them less annoying
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  8. Lox

    Lox _____ VIP Gold Account

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    Where’s the Domain Brokers Code of Practice / ethics, ToS/C? Would love to read that ... link please. Licensed broker or not ...
    btw. Doxxing is allowed for all of ICA members or ... ?

  9. NameDeck

    NameDeck NotElected.com VIP

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    Yet you use a handle yourself. You're not hiding your identity and it's easy to verify but solely because of what you share and your badges.

    How is that different from someone who isn't a pro or doesn't operate a website and only just started out and doesn't have a standing reputation yet? You started out at some point...

    By using a handle you can decide for yourself up to what extend your share personal information and to whom. Your reach can definitely be beyond the scope of NP, just using a handle.

    I don't care for the broker part of this discussion but personally I'm surprised to see a lot of people complaining about users being anonymous, including registrars. It's not 1990 anymore.

    A lot after people not residing in the first world have more than good reason to hide their identity.

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