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    For the longest time I had just one domain that i later learned could be for two entirely different industries, and that domain is I originally bought it thinking it could be a catchy name in the the retail industry in the UK where you might get a "wee more" for your money, like shopping at the Weemore department store similar to Walmart. Then about six months ago i see a TV ad for, a drug meant to help men with prostrate problems "wee more":xf.wink:

    I'm not sure which industry the domain is best suited for, and I would appreciate your thoughts.

    Then today i register a domain HealthNuts.xxxx, but I realized almost immediately there are "health nuts", as in people who are so obsessed about their health, they're considered nuts:xf.rolleyes: Then you have actual nuts as the kind you eat like peanuts, cashews, walnuts, seeds and pistachio's. Here again, the health industry is huge and someone could develop a site that caters to real health nuts, and someone else could develop an online site selling everything from soup to Which might you prefer?
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