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I requested to transfer INTO Doteasy 9 .biz domains. I've put them into the Doteasy Shopping cart, paid and checked out. I got a confirmation Email shortly after:

A Summary of Your Doteasy Order

Hi Allysin,

Thanks for your recent order at Doteasy! Here is a summary of your order for your records....

Today, I received another Email:

Hello Allysin,

We received your application to transfer 9 domains to To take advantage of the promotional rate, the domain transfer will require minimum 2 years registration (first year at promo rate plus additional year at the regular rate) per domain. To help simplify payment, we will group all 9 domains, each in 2-year term, into one total payment of US$211.50.

Please confirm in writing by copy-and-pasting the following within the lines below and provide the required information for order confirmation and payment authorization:

By replying this email, I confirm and authorize to process the non-refundable payment in the amount of US$211.50 to register/transfer the following domain names for 2-Years each (first year at the promo rate plus additional year at the regular rate):

Payment is to be charged on the following credit card:

Card Type: VISA [ ] MasterCard [ ] American Express Card [ ]
**AMEX cards will be processed in CAD funds at an exchange rate of: US$1 = CAD$1.42**

Card Number:
Expiry Date: _______ /_______
Security code: _______
Credit Card Holder Name:
Card Holder Billing Address:
Card Holder Billing Phone #:

We look forward to your reply. To reply, please click the "Reply Link" which is provided with this case ticket (not the standard reply function of your emailing program as we will not get replies sent that way).

On a side note, we had tried calling you at the number on file but it does not go through. May you please confirm with us the correct phone number?

Thank you.


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Details here:

Here is my problem with this:

1. There was NO mention of any of this whatsoever ANYWHERE on the Doteasy website.
2. I didn't have to do that when I transferred the only other domain I have with Doteasy into there previously.
3. Surely in 2023, it would not be a problem to make their website actually explain this to customer when/before ordering and NOT let the customer proceed in the first place UNLESS they would select the 2 years.

I feel this is highly unusual and a REAL SCAM! Please advise how to proceed (I do not want to purchase 2 years for those domains at this time). Is it possible to report Doteasy to ICANN for this?
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Their scammers. I reg some one year at promo price but fine print says must be renewed at regular price $15 once or pay fee of $15
I elected to renew and transfer out. Same company as network Solutions
Are they their now? What whois say? Form payment?
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I was trying to cancel the transfer with the loosing registrar as it has not transferred over yet but talking to HostGator about this, you would likely pull all your hair out (they are so out of it on their chat).

I'm thinking just to change the status to LOCKED for a few days. Any thoughts on this? I will need to transfer it somewhere else - how many days do I need to keep it in the LOCKED status before it errors out on the Doteasy side?
Whats transfer status at
Terrible what these companies do to try get more money. How much you pay for transfers?
I paid $8.50 per domain.

Registrar: Launchpad, Inc. (HostGator)

Created: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 |Expired: Wednesday, January 25, 2023 | Updated: Wednesday, January 25, 2023

I locked 8 of the domains that are not expired but not the one that expires today as it no longer appears on the list of my domains with HostGator. Now, the 1 expired domain disappeared from my Domain List at HostGator and the HostGator Support person on chat says they locked it and told me it will reappear with the updated information (LOCKED) after an hour which I don't believe at all! Why does all of this has to be sooo hard?
Lock the domains, reply back and ask for a refund and tell them there was mention of registering for 2 years.....

See what they have to say, if they don't refund it, put a scam compliant through with your bank and get a refund, then block them from taking future payments.....
@NickB - Thank you. I have done that.

Now I'm looking where to transfer these instead. Does anyone know anything about ?

They appear to have .biz transfer IN for $11.18.

Any other suggestions will be appreciated.
Their expensive wow. I see why you went with dot queasy
I don’t know. Good luck keep us posted please
@NickB - Thank you. I have done that.

Now I'm looking where to transfer these instead. Does anyone know anything about ?

They appear to have .biz transfer IN for $11.18.

Any other suggestions will be appreciated.
No worries,

If it was me, I would personally go with Porkbun at $14.40 - I know what I'm getting with them and don't mind paying a few bucks more for peace of mind......not sure if that is for one or multiple domains

I've never heard of gtg so would be reluctant to use them - hopefully someone can can give you some feedback on them...Or do a search here on Namepros

Other options......never used used either so again, feedback or research at your end

DreamHost - $12.95
Directnic - $13.68

Not really any good promo's that I can see.......again someone might jump in with one.....
@NickB This is becoming a real nightmare now... I checked with on their chat and:

The only TLD's we have recently stopped supporting are .us , .biz and .tv domains. Aside from those we can gladly receive any domain you'd like to transfer.

We don't have a timeline, but we are currently in talks with the new general registry handling those TLD's to resolve the issue. However, they have been uncooperative and terribly slow in responding to say the least.

It's not something we have control over. If it was up to us we would gladly receive, register and keep renewing domains from any of those TLD's.

Even-though they clearly have it listed as available for TRANSFER IN on their website:

Look - I share your sentiment about Porkbun (I love them too) but 9 x $14.40 = $129.60 = that is a lot of money for domains that may not even be that good...

I guess I'll try DreamHost next... It's truly ridiculous how much domains cost to renew nowadays...