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Don't let your attitude get in the middle of your domaining

Labeled as opinion in General Domain Discussion started by infosec3, Jan 5, 2019.


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    In almost every area of life, your attitude may determine your success or failure. Whether it's at your job, within the family, in a romantic relationship or business, your attitude is crucial. It is relevant in every area of your life and domaining is not the exception.

    I say this because, time and again, I see new domain investors who come to the forum asking questions about the quality of their domain names and then, when they are told the truth about the value of their "portfolio", get extremely defensive and invoke every type of excuse, from having a strategy behind owning a long list of worthless names to not caring about the few hundred dollars they wasted.

    To be clear, most of us made mistakes when we started investing in domain names. Some took years to really grasp the domaining business. Some others took a few months. But the issue is that at some point you have to face reality, drop the excuses and engage in a process of self-reflection.

    I started domaining in 2009. During that year, I invested about $400 in a list of worthless names because, to be honest, I didn't know what I was doing. Yet, I saw the reality that many other domain investors were being successful. So, I decided to put the credit card aside and start studying what domaining was and how to do it right.

    I spent countless hours going through this forum and studying the sales reported by many here and analyzing why those names sold for that amount. I read an unbelievable number of articles and threads and by the beginning of 2010 started selling names for a very good profit. Every year since then has been very profitable.

    But, leaving my experience aside, the point is that it is helpful to stop being defensive and face reality. That is the only way in which you will remain in this business, which, contrary to what many think when they come in, is not easy at all. Some of us may be used to getting "easy" sales, but they are definitely not easy. They are the result of a through learning process and the right approach or attitude.

    A good attitude would also be very useful when you start dealing with end-users. For instance, if you contact a potential buyer and get an offensive offer or any other offensive response, there's no need to get angry, just move on to the next potential buyer or the next domain. Your time is precious. You must move from one productive task to another and arguing with an end-user is not one of them.

    In short, do not let your attitude get in the middle of your domaining business. If you want to be successful selling domain names, read more, watch more, study more... Yes, I know, in the end, you do what you want, and that's fine. I just wanted to share my opinion based on what worked for me.
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    Well said, we see it here a lot and sometimes egos get in way of learning.
  3. Internet.Domains

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    We also see egos get in the way of teaching.

    All in all, there are many great new investors and many great veterans.

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