Domains as Intellectual Property?

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    Is anyone else as surprised as I am that domains aren't promoted to "end users" as intellectual property?

    Once I discovered Nameworth values at 300K I had the idea of partnering with a IP law firm to sell and broker domains.

    Do you consider your domains to be intellectual property? Do you think you might get more for them if they're promoted that way? Your thoughts? Thanks
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    I don't think what you call a domain really matters when it comes to end users. What matters is the need for the domain itself.

    When you say partner with an IP law firm what do you mean exactly?

    Pretty much every IP attorney already deals in domains one way or another. It could be to do with trademarks, disputes, domain acquisition, etc.

    Some like Stevan Lieberman provide escrow services as well -

  3. ThatNameGuy

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    Thanks for chiming in....i actually met with Stevan Lieberman in Washington DC shortly after Verisign came out with their hit piece on the domain industry. btw, i actually agreed with Verisgn's stand much to the chagrin of most domainers.

    My reasoning for referring to a domain as "intellectual property" only ads credibility just as "trademark" does. Make sense?

    As for partnering with an IP attorney, that alone could ad credibility. Besides owning several domains/names dealing with the sale of intellectual property, i just felt it might be a good idea(y) similar to, if I were in the medical equipment business I might like to partner with a MD?

    Although I'm not a lawyer, i'm keenly aware of other opportunities involving such things as trademarks, copyrights etc. that might ad considerable value to such a partnership.

    Finally, i'm more of an "idea" guy than I am a domainer, and as such I have several additional "ideas" that an intellectual property lawyer might find interesting:xf.wink:

    Again....great to hear from you Brad

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