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budget: above $5000 Domains above 5,000$ GoDaddy appraisal value wanted. CVCV .coms preferred

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ONLY LOOKING FOR RESELLER PRICING. Total budget is $150,000, but I'm very aware and realistic with wholesale pricing.
Prefer 1 word . com, 3 letter . com, CVCV and VCVC . com. Will also consider 1 word .io and 2 word . com. No interest in made up brandables or names below a 5,000$ govalue.

Payment via paypal, venmo, applepay, cashapp, or escrow for higher-value names.

I will read all messages but will not respond to end user pricing. Most names I purchase are between 100-1,000$ but will happily pay up to full budget for the right domain name. If the domain is slightly below 5k govalue but it's realistically a very solid name it will be considered as well.

It would be appreciated if you put the govalue in the message as well.

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