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    Domain Selling Strategy Discussion

    What are your go to techniques to sell a domain at the highest value?

    - where do you post? 1 site, or multiple? /name sources.
    - develop, then sell?
    - if choosing to hold, where do you park, and why?
    - average time it takes to sell?
    - auction or no auction? And where?
    - highest sell price for a domain/where

    This should be interesting.
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  2. gilescoley

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    Biggest mistake new domainers make is hand-register names and park them and list them everywhere thinking they will just "sell"...if this was the case, dont you think that buyer would have registered the name himself for $10. This strategy has a greater chance of working if you spend a bit more (x,xxx or xx,xxx) and buy quality names.

    First research and read this forum from top to bottom for a few months so you understand what makes a name valuable.

    All this below only comes after you have read this forum for a while.

    Check out and to see what type of names sell

    Check out expiring lists and see if there is any value in the dropping names.
    Email existing owners of decent names and buy 1 or 2 names, you wont know what is decent until you have done your research
    Make sure there are plenty of potential buyers before buying the name
    Avoid hand-registering names that are available, they are usually available for a reason.
    Emailing potential buyers asking if they are interested in the name
    Don't get greedy when starting out and sell for a reasonable price
    Reinvest that profit into another name and then repeat the process.
    Don't mix letters and numbers
    Avoid long names and dont buy 3 word names
    Avoid trademark names!!!
    Stick to .COM domains
    Avoid hyphens in domains

    Hope that helps.
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  3. Tony J

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    This is great info!
    I started out the newbie way and would buy a domain and post it on all types of marketplaces.

    Learning the hard way and seeing that is was not a very good strategy for sales. After reading a couple of books on sales and the art of selling I have learned that it is all about prospecting and finding end-users to make a sale.
  4. dennisok

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    Thanks @ Gilecoley! Great info but do you have to contact the potential buyer before buying the domain or buy the domain and contact them to know if they are interested?
  5. gilescoley

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    I usually don't contact them before getting the name, but at least have a decent list of potential buyers. I have asked before if they are interested in this domain and they said they would pay $1000 for it and no more. I went an made an offer of $300 and they accepted and sold it on to them. Did that a couple of times year ago and haven't done it since.
  6. dennisok

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    Thanks alot @gilescoley! Ps, one more assistance, what tools can I use to determine if a domain has once been bought and amount it was sold. Say, to analyze the domain one is interested in acquiring?
  7. biggie

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    the best selling strategy.... starts with buying the right domains

    domains that speak for themselves, so you don't have to explain... what they mean or could be used for.

  8. Brands.International

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    To sell a domain at the highest value:

    1. Buy the best possible domain names you can afford, with large end user pool.
    2. Wait, wait, wait for the right offer for your domain name - it can take several years to get one offer. Learn to say no when such offer comes.

    GL :)

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