Domain Sales - is it the economy? The market?

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    Thanks Otis, and to think this idea evolved when I accidentally went to the website I've since talked to a few more of my contacts in the domain industry to help for there's no way I could pull this off on my own.

    Now back to developing and monetizing single malt whisky ie, Scotch:xf.wink:
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    The stock market is unstable,
    Or the domain name depends on a point
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    First of all, congratulations on the $1399 and $500 sales @ThatNameGuy! Fantastic news!

    With respect to the original post content, I am quite uncertain re the stock market and global economy in general. The stock market is a tale of two sides. The huge tech giants have had a great run. Almost everyone else is still down substantially, hence why Nasdaq high but not Dow Jones. I think, in pandemic times, some feel that tech is the safe place. But stock markets can be fickle. I hope I am wrong, but I worry a lot about future years in stock market.

    Domains, I continue to see both positive and negative. No doubt things are up for certain types of names. Overall, less sure, but agree the optimists do have data supporting their stand. I probably have more confidence in the future of the domain market than the overall business and stock markets, but that is not a strong endorsement!

    I also wanted to comment on this....
    Not just Amazon, but the vast majority of startups burn through cash for years without making a profit. And yes the majority don't ever find profitability and eventually go out of business. But some, the Amazons and Zooms of the world, eventually move to highly profitable phase. I think sometimes we expect something different in those starting out in domains, but why should we? I think, as long as one has discipline and a business plan and are working on getting better educated, most domainers will find more success in years 3+ than in the first couple. Those who manage to break even in the first year or two are doing well in my opinion.

    Congrats once more, @ThatNameGuy (y)- very happy for you!

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    there are many chinks in my armor

    they do me right - they do me proud

    they are Geniuses - I collect them...
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    war - hoo - good GOD y'all, what does it STAND FOR

    W - A - R

    White Americans Rule

    come on, we can do better than that...

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