Domain Sales from May 2010: Where Are They Now?, and more

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    A trillion-dollar stock market crash occurs, and planes are grounded. Sounds familiar? This may somewhat mirror current happenings around the world, but this is what happened in May 2010. A trillion-dollar stock market crash occurred over 36 minutes and things were slowly returning to normal after flights were grounded in much of the world after Eyjafjallajökull erupted in Iceland.

    In the domain world, Verisign hosted the “25 Years of .COM” gala where Aron Meystedt was recognized as the owner of, the first .COM ever registered.

    I think it’s often interesting to look back at the past to see just how much as changed, and how much has stayed the same. From a domain perspective, it’s also fascinating to see what has happened to domains since they were sold. So, here are some notable sales from ten years ago in May 2010, and what has happened to those domains since....

    Domains in the article include:,, and Read more on my blog.
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