Domain registrar is holding me to ransom

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    Firstly, apologies if im in the wrong forum - just joined never seen so man forums in one site. Anyhow, here's the deal. I registered 3 domain names (.com, .net, .co.uk) with 123-reg.co.uk - wasn't going to name them but why not thy're scamming me so stuff 'em. I have DOP on each name (domain owner protection) For anyone unfamiliar with DOP you get an email upon registering each domain and respond by clicking a link back to the DOP scheme which verifies you and links the email/you to the name. NOTE: You never see the password which is protecting the name. Later this year our project requirements changed and we no longer need the name so we contacted 123-reg as advised on their site, jumped through a bunch of hoops and red tape to verify ourselves and asked for passwords which is how we're supposed to do it. Without doing this the names will simply auto-renew for another year. With passwords we can turn auto-renew off.

    We've sent 3 requests for passwords and on 3 occasions we've been sent a reply which says the passwords are attached to the mail - but they aren't. They always insist the passwords are sent but they are not sending anything. Ive checked spam, trash folders and everywhere yet the email response is sent but no passwords. after the 3rd attempt it dawned on me that they are doing this on purpose so they can automatically take more payments thus holding the names to ransom.

    Just to add salt to the wound - i only have one payment source (bank card) registered with them which is actually now an old card since i changed my name earlier this year. However ive just learned that despite the details on the card being obsolete they can still request details of the new replacement card from your bank and continue taking payments. I was relying on the fact that the card was now replaced but the expiry date is 2021 so is STILL valid ... damn

    Any ideas how i can stop them doing this?? I've read that icann are useless when it comes to resolving issues like this though if you report abuse they should look into it but they simply cant be bothered. Nominet who are .co.uk owners ive yet to ask but i dont hold out much hope.

    Any ideas guys?
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    123-reg issue a customer control panel with each new account. You can do just about anything in there, including turning automatic renewals on or off, requesting transfer to another registrar, resetting your DNS settings, ordering more domains and a whole lot more.

    To gain access, all you need to do is to read the emails you were sent when you first registered the domains. If you've lost or forgotten the password there is a password renewal button on the login page.

    They don't hide anything. Lots of what you need is not easy to find but it is in there and it will pop out with a little bit of digging. It is complex because there is a lot of it and there is lots of added marketing gumph, not because they are trying to hide anything.

    What you have discovered is what we have all discovered. Their customer support is crap. But you don't need it. You simply need to find your way around your own control panel.

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