What is the purpose of having a "Order by" deadline, when the domains keep lingering around in the domain lists for hours after the deadline?

On SN it's possible to backorder domains long after the "order by" deadline has passed. One of our backorders went from 2 bids to 18 bids hours after the deadline had passed. I know SN is just interested in making money, but if they want to appear anything close to trustworthy, maybe they should stick to the deadlines that have been set.

That being said, NJ atleast removes the domains once the deadline has passed, so we'll use them more from now on.


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SN and NJ is one of the same and you need to understand how things work.

Go to SN, pre-order a name, and within a minute you will see a new bidder (you on that same name on NJ)

On NJ when you look at the list of bidders, all those that start with SN means that they placed their order on SN.

SN and NJ cutoff times might be different.

On NJ, a lot of bids are placed via their API and domainers like to place the bid seconds before the deadline so few people see it.
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