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Red Bull is a brand of energy drinks by the Austrian company Red Bull GmbH. With a 38% market share, it is the most popular energy drink brand as of 2019. Since its launch in 1987, more than 100 billion cans of Red Bull have been sold worldwide, including 9.8 billion in 2021.

Originally available only in a single nondescript flavor sold in a tall and slim silver-blue can be called Red Bull Energy Drink, numerous variants of the drink were added over the course of time. Its slogan, "Red Bull Gives You Wings", is one of the most popular and memorable advertising slogans in the United States. Rather than following a traditional marketing approach, Red Bull has generated awareness and created a "brand myth" through proprietary extreme sports event series such as Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, Red Bull Air Race, Red Bull Crashed Ice, and standout stunts such as the Stratos space diving project. In addition to sports series, its marketing includes multiple sports team ownerships; celebrity endorsements; and music, through its Red Bull Records label.

How do we find out which domain names are owned by Red Bull well we use a feature called Reverse Whois Search with our partners, they scan for the chosen term in this instance was domain names related to the registrant email address that Red Bull uses for domain registrations which is “[email protected]” and we get the results of over 1,237 domain names that Red Bull has registered to them.
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