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    Upcoming changes to

    Within the next 48 hours, the website will be closing. Visitors will be redirected to This is because is becoming a part of 123 Reg.

    As an existing customer there is no need to be alarmed; all of your existing Domain Names will remain in your account - there will be no changes to any of your settings and everything will be exactly as you left it. You can also continue to purchase new domains through your Control Panel or click through the link on the 123 Reg landing page.

    For all the existing and new products you purchase from, you will continue to be supported by the service teams. New purchases from 123 Reg will be supported by the 123 Reg service teams. and 123 Reg are brands both belonging to the same group. This means that the same high-quality dedicated staff will be working on your account at 123 Reg, so you will still receive the superior level of performance and service you are used to from

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change in the meantime, you can contact us by email - we're always happy to help.

    Kind regards,
    The Domainmonster Team
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    Thanks for
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    HEG, now owned by Godaddy, have operated both DomainMonster and 123-Reg brands separately for some time along with a number of other brands. They appear to be shuttering the DomainMonster brand but all existing customer accounts will be accessible via the 123-reg web site. It seems almost certain that both brands were using the same backend infrastructure and merely had different front end web sites. Effectively very little is changing apart from where customers will now login to their account.
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    Thanks for sharing!
  5. -EM-

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    Does 123-reg support all the cctlds domainmonster did?
  6. Dallas Alexander

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    Didn't GoDaddy buy 123-reg?
  7. -EM-

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    .im price is now 3 time more expensive? Also many other TLD prices are much more expensive.
    Time to move on and orget about 123reg.
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    As the history shows, acquisitions in our industry, normally, do not always benefit the customers. A perfect example would be Moniker (acquired and re-acquired about 4 times) - where they are now?

    In this particular case, GoDaddy Acquired Host Europe Group for €1.69 billion (US$1.79 billion). They now need to recover-return this investement somehow, so it is not a great surprise that 123-reg prices were not lowered, but to the contrary, increased for example for domains - I own a couple, and the renewal fee is now £7 .99 + 20% VAT per domain per year (about $12). Earlier it was £2.99 + VAT. Had to transer my's to another registrar as the result. Also, 123-reg does not appear to offer SedoMLS domains anymore through instant transfer. I searched a few - all were shown as simply taken withouth any offer to purchase @ premium price which is configured on SedoMLS end. Earlier they offered both Afternic domains and SedoMLS domains, now - just domains from GoDaddy-owned Afternic. Not a big surprise either.... GoDaddy is doing what they are supposed to do to make shareholders happy, no issues with this. It is not meant to say that GD should not have acquired HostEurope, or any other company available to be acquired though. This is the market we all have to live in...
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