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    I listed one of my domain on Afternic and then I got below message.

    Congratulations! Your domain(s) meet our highest quality standards. This means they are eligible to be listed on our exclusive Premium Promotion network, which dramatically increases your chance of a successful sales since you get maximum exposure across every reseller on the Afternic network, and the name is eligible for Fast Transfer, allowing the domain buyer immediate control of the name. To qualify for Premium Promotion, your domain must be registered at one of the the participating registrars. Click on the button below to initiate the transfer process.

    I have listed on Afternic for first time, so wanted your advice on what should I do, my domain is register with porkbun, Transferring to Afternic's listed registrar will cost me anything between 8 to 10 USD, so my query is, is it worth transferring the domain, will it increase the chances of selling my domain fast with good price ?

    Kindly guide pls.
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  2. golan

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    Yes, definitely.

    But as you rightfully said, it increases the chances. No one still can guarantee anything.
  3. ddesigns

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    Thanks for quick reply, I have acted upon your request and have activated the quick transfer.

    Now keeping my fingers cross :)

    Will keep the forum informed about the same.

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