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Labeled as budget: above $500 in Domain Buyer Requests, started by TheBaldOne, May 23, 2020 at 12:04 PM


  1. TheBaldOne

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    I am after buying at least one more domain hack domain to add to our portfolio.

    The budget is up to $500 per domain - though this is the high point and the domain would have to be one I immediately see real value in to achieve this amount.

    The hack MUST BE a cctld, I am presently not after non-cctld domain hacks.

    The domain hack can be either one or two words in length, though of course one word is preferable and therefore likely to command a higher price.

    Preferred niches are:

    - Popular sports
    - Popular hobbies
    - Popular goods (i.e. '', '', '' or '', etc..)
    - Pure Geographic domains (i.e. country, city, etc. and must solely be of the form '', '', '', '', '', etc..

    The domain hack must refer to a non-adult subject, i.e. subjects such as sex, alcohol, drugs (including pharmaceutical), politics, religion, etc., will not be considered. Also no possible trademark infringement domains.

    Please DM me with details of the domain hacks you wish to offer with the following information:

    - Domain name
    - Registrar
    - Expiry date
    - Renewal Fees
    - Whether the domain name has ever been developed or not
    - Your asking price

    I will do my own research on the subject of the domain hack so no need to send details about number of searches, other domains in the niche that are developed, etc..

    If you have presently or previously posted your domain hack for sale on NP and I have not enquired about it then please note that you can assume I considered the price asked was too high.

    I am not going to partake in negotiations about a price, either your price is something I can accept or it isn't. (Your and my time is too valuable to start prolonged haggling over a few $'s.)

    I shall make my decision on which domain/s to purchase and reply to all DM's on Friday 29th May / Saturday 30th May 2020, this is so that I can consider all domains equally and choose the best from those offered.

    Payment will be via

    If you have any questions then please feel free to ask them.
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  2. Haris Ijaz

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  3. TheBaldOne

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    Thank you to all those who have already replied, appreciated.


    ….. unfortunately not everyone is including important information, most important of all of course is the asking price. Please note that the asking price MUST be included.

    (If you are one of those that has already sent by message your domains but forgot to enter the asking price then please re-submit including your price. Thank you. )
  4. TSB

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  5. 88.88

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    DM sent, Thank you.
  6. RubenDario

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  7. leadnetwork

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