Domain Flipping Tutorials on Sale for the next 24 hours. They will be gone after that.

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    We are restructuring the site and the tutorials will stop being available after 24 hours. This may be your last chance to bet them before we take a few months to edit and relaunch the tutorials. Here is a description of what you will get when you acquire them. You may buy them individually or if you want them all, feel free to PM me for a special ALL INCLUSIVE COUPON.


    On this video presentation, we show you how we are able to register domain names for a few dollars and resell them for around $300 or $500, or more, only days or even hours after registering them. We disclose our business model and teach you how to profit from the domain names business. The presentation includes a tutorial that guides you on how to use the necessary tools to start generating income quickly.

    This is a PDF tutorial that will guide you, step by step, question by question, through the process of recognizing which domain names are generally appealing to end-users.
    This is what you will learn by reading this tutorial:

    1. Ideas and tips on identifying domain names that end-users want.

    2. Which keywords are appealing to end-users.

    3. Where to go to find domain names you can flip.

    4. What process to follow to find potential buyers.

    5. What to tell end-users on your first email.

    6. How to respond if you have an interested end-user.

    You will also see a few email templates you can copy and use.

    NOTICE: This is an extended version of our previous tutorial 50 Q & A on selling hand-reg. domains. If you already bought that tutorial, you might consider not buying this one, since the information added is for those who did not get that one.

    ATTENTION: Please, have in mind that, since this is a digital product that, once downloaded, cannot be returned, we do not provide refunds. Do not buy the tutorial unless you are totally sure.

    You will find answers to all of the following questions:

    1. How do you know which names to register?
    2. Where do you find those names or ideas to register them?
    3. Do you use any software to come up with ideas on names to register?
    4. Do you sell all the domain names you register?
    5. Is it okay to send unsolicited email messages to advertise my domain names?
    6. Do you only attempt to sell .COM domain names or do you do the same with other domain extensions, such as .NET or .ORG?
    7. Do you immediately accept the first offer made by a potential buyer?
    8. Do you also buy domain names at auction or from other domain owners?
    9. What do you do if you are unable to sell a domain name you own?
    10. How do you find potential buyers?
    11. What is the rate of responses you get when you are trying to sell a name?
    12. Do you contact potential buyers by phone or any other method?
    13. What if the potential buyer calls you?
    14. Are you concerned about trademark claims by the recipients of your offer?
    15. Have you ever received an angry response to your offer?
    16. Do you include traffic or search volume for the domain you are trying to sell?
    17. What type of research do you do before you register a domain name?
    18. Do you prefer to register State + Keyword or City + Keyword?
    19. Do you register domain names with hyphens?
    20. Do you use a free email account, such as Yahoo or Gmail to contact clients?
    21. Should I give up if I try to sell two or three names and I am unable to sell any?
    22. What registrar do you use?
    23. For how much do you sell a hand-registered domain name?
    24. What if my price is $380 and the client offers $250?
    25. Do you have a Website?
    26. Do you send bulk email?
    27. Can you make a living flipping hand-registered domain names?
    28. How much should you invest in order to make a nice profit?
    29. How does the buyer pay for the domain?
    30. Do potential buyers always follow through with the purchase?
    31. What if the singular and the plural are available? Which one do you register?
    32. How soon after acquiring a domain do you start promoting it?
    33. How soon do you actually sell the domain?
    34. Am I in a disadvantage if I do not live in the U.S.?

    and more...

    Bonus Content – Email Samples

    Sample 1 – Initial contact email

    Sample 2 – Response to interested client

    Sample 3 – If buyer agrees to buy the domain

    Sample 4 – If buyer makes a slightly lower offer


    This eBook will be very useful for both new and experienced domain investors. It contains practical ideas and examples of how to recognize names you can flip for a very good return on investment.

    If you are already flipping domain name, but not getting the desired results, this eBook will help you recognize where you can improve.

    We put our experience at your service by telling which keywords have worked for us when recognizing and registering domain names end-users want.

    You will also find great bonus content, such as:
    1. Five questions you should ask yourself BEFORE registering a domain name.
    2. Five myths about domaining that prevent you from selling more names.
    As well as great selling-related tips:
    1. The wrong approach to pricing
    2. The pricing melting point
    3. Your pricing decision
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    Less then 48 hours left before they're gone.
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    Content will be gone in less than 24 hours. Last call...
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    Only a couple of hours left.

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