Domain Economy In Developing Countries

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    How often do you sell COM domains to companies located in developing countries? So far all my best sales were to developed countries, mostly US and German markets (which I consider the two best markets for me personally, closely followed by UK,CA, AU obviously)

    Now I recently got an offer from a corporation in Ecuador but I have no idea what kind of budget they have and how to make fair counter offers. I even had to look up what kind of entities they have, apparently they also have SA corporations/entities that we know from France. That's what I like about domaining you find out so much stuff about business in other countries ;)

    Anyway do you even take this into account when dealing with entrepreneurs from less developed countries? Not sure whether I will pursue this but many times low offers can turn into really great sales.
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    The way I see it, the term
    is a relative one.
    Often, there's little certainty, even after doing some background research, that we know who the true buyer is, and what's their potential.
    Therefore, my tendency is to treat every potential buyer the same - as a profitable business; no matter if located in the US, UK, India or Ghana.
    Concluding, location for me is far from being the price-determining factor.

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