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  1. pablohc86

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    Hello To all

    i open a new thread because i'm interested on this kind of traffic monetization..
    i heard many times that arbitrage is illegal, that arbitrage stop years ago.. and so on.. all rubbish!!

    i know from a reliable source that arbitrage could be done also nowadays on DomainSponsor with yahoo feed primary.

    So the big problem is obtain yahoo feed primary.. if you ask the DS support to switch you to yahoo feed they say to you that is impossible..
    But this is not true.. because they can do that but they do that only for low people with very big and valuable portfolio (at least 250/500$ a day)

    After this requirement you have to fill a form the SPAF form (Sponsor Program Affiliation Form) and send it to yahoo, specifing all the traffic source that would be sent to the domains..

    If yahoo accept your application you can start sending traffic and they will review it to ensure good quality and your LEGAL payout.

    I specify LEGAL because i know many "arbitrage player" claiming that arbitrage can be done also without tell nothing to your AM about your traffic..
    I know people that are payed doing that but i think they are making strange things..

    there is no information over the web about this kind of business so i hope to know something from expert..
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  2. thegeekguy

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    @pablohc86 from my understanding some parking companies allows them like or they even provide you with a domain to redirect your traffic.

    The problems comes on where to get traffic that converts since most of the traffic being sold out there is crap or when its not crap prices would be more higher than the amount you will earn from it.
  3. pablohc86

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    I think you mean parking place. Com not parkingcrew..

    Parkingcrew doesn't allow bought traffic..

    Place and redirect are sons of the same mother.. I've never see anybody making money there. This do not mean that no one make money but I think there is a reason if bodis have 114 pages on this forum and parkinplace 0.

    No one can share information about this business?
    All the arb player send traffic without saying nothing to AM?
  4. Addison

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    Domain arbitrage is not illegal. It may be against some companies' Terms of Service, but there's nothing inherently illegal about it. Domain arbitrage is not click fraud. Do not do any kind of click fraud.

    Domain arbitrage is sending legitimate traffic to your parked domains that have ads on them in hopes that the clicks you get from that traffic exceeds the amount you paid for the traffic.

    Domain arbitrage pales in comparison to traffic arbitrage. These two types of arbitrage can get mixed up, because traffic arbitrage ordinarily uses domains.

    Traffic arbitrage is buying traffic from one company and selling it to another company, and you want to already have a buyer before you buy the traffic from a seller. Both companies are satisfied because the first company gets to sell traffic they want to sell and the second company gets to buy traffic they want to buy. You're the middle man making the deal happen.

    It's a prosperous business. I know people making six figures every month from traffic arbitrage. Domain arbitrage can generate good money, but it's not as good, because there is more risk (the traffic may not click on your ads).

    If they have a contract with Google for a Google feed, then the contract stipulates that they cannot do that, and they aren't going to risk their Google feed for small guys.

    It is equivalent to printing money. Why would you share that? You don't need help to do it once you know how. You can max it out by yourself: buy as much traffic as you can afford, double your money, buy more traffic with double the money, and keep repeating until you've maxed out the networks.

    If the company you're selling traffic to knows where you're buying it, then they could bypass you to buy it themselves. Masking, cloaking, and re-purposing the traffic are common in domain arbitrage and traffic arbitrage so that you don't get cut out of the deal or have your traffic sources stolen.

    What do you want to know?

  5. polongru

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    Aren't those parking companies lowering income after time? You could just send that traffic to website with cpc/cmp/cpl ads.
  6. pablohc86

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    wow it's a pleasure to see a reply also if around 8 years later :)
    Well, I'm still interested in monetizing domains and one of my question it will be what are the trusted sources where to be able to buy traffic?
    I'd like to see a couple of real examples just to understand a bit more the whole process.

    Time had passed and I've dig more into this during years but to see another example about these days it's surely good
    thanks a lot
  7. Donmarick

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    There are few people maybe even on this forum who make profits from "some" traffic exchangers but its
    1st hard and You need to know "method" in most cases You will get ban
    2nd most of new accounts will get ban for this anyway
    3th probably noone will share with You with method to earn with that and for sure not for free.
    4th even if You will get some cash for few months, You will be never safe from ban.

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