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    I've recently began taking domain investing a bit more seriously (:xf.grin:about time!).

    As I'm dabbling more into expired domain / dropped domain auctions, I'm kind of sensing that there are not too many quality (if at all) one word or even LLL premium domains available on these platforms. At most I'm finding interesting 2 word brandables. This is orienting me towards a more outbound approach via outreach.

    However the question remains, where to start ?

    A few ideas that came to mind was to compile english dictionary (common used words) lists of .com domains, find the ones that are not resolving, and contacting them in hopes of agreeing to some wholesale price sales. However I'm fearing that most of these owners are investors themselves holding for the long run - to sell them at retail...

    Am I missing something here ? Are domain acquisitions at wholesale prices still possible via outreach ? Are there gems (or rubys lol) that have still not been acquired by the sharks in the industry ?

    Comment below :xf.wink:
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